Current Men’s Studies

Judges (John MacArthur)

We’ll be studying the book of Judges. Judges is a fascinating look at the history of Israel in Canaan.  We’ll study the text, consider the MacArthur commentary, and make observations on overarching themes.

Start: March 26, 2018

Times: Every Monday 7pm – 8:30pm

Location: Denton Bible Church, Annex #108

Facilitator: Trent Brooks –

Making Disciplemakers

Know God and Make Him Known. Experience what it means to walk shoulder-to-shoulder in faith with another believer and be equipped to teach one-on-one foundational lessons on eternal security, forgiveness of sins, the Holy Spirit, quiet time, and balancing the Christian life.  Note: Maximum of 10 men per study.

Start: March 26, 2018

Times: Every Monday 7pm – 830pm

Location:  4508 Conley Lane, Denton, TX

Facilitator: Gaylon Richter –

Not a Fan. (Kyle Idelman)

Are you an enthusiastic admirer of Jesus? A fan?  Or are you a follower? “Not a Fan calls you to consider the demands and rewards of being a true disciple. [You’ll be invited] to live the way Jesus lived, love the way he loved, pray the way he prayed, and never give up living for the One who gave his all for you.”

Start: April 3, 2018

Times: Every Tuesday 7pm – 8:30pm

Location: Denton Bible Church, Hangar (MAP)

Facilitator: Calvin Clark –

Prayer (Philip Yancey)

“In theory, prayer is the priceless point of contact between us and God. In practice, it’s often frustrating, confusing, and mysterious. Throughout this 6-session interactive journey, Philip Yancey explores this enigmatic intersection where we meet God, asking – and answering – key questions: Is he listening? What’s the point? Can prayer be more satisfying?” A valuable study for any member of the body of Christ!

Start: April 11, 2018

Times: Every Wednesday 7pm – 8:30pm

Location: Denton Bible Church, Modulars #7

Facilitator: Kyle Ethington –

The Harvest is Plentiful – Engaging in God’s Greatest Calling

This is a 4-week class gathering for men who are interested in the “what’s,” the “why’s,” and the “how-to’s” of engaging in wisdom, a life commitment and daily practice of winning souls for Christ.

Start: April 19, 2018

Times: Every Thursday 7pm – 8:30pm

Location: Denton Bible Church, Student Ministry Center #210

Facilitators: Brent Bowen –

Bible Study Methods

Join us as we look at important methods to studying, understanding and applying the Bible. The focus of the study will be on learning to study the Bible expositionally, that is, drawing the meaning out of the text.  This study is for one month only.

Start: April 5, 2018

Times: Every Thursday 7pm – 8:30pm

Location:  Denton Bible Church, Modular #7

Facilitator: Wes Pakebusch –

Redemption (Mike Wilkerson)

“Redemption is not a step-oriented recovery book; it’s story-oriented and Bible-anchored. It unfolds the back-story of redemption in Exodus to help Christians better understand how Christ redeems us from the slavery of abuse, addiction, and assorted trouble and restores us to our created purpose, the worship of God.”

Start: March 29, 2018

Times: Every Thursday 6:45pm – 9pm

Location: 2224 (or 2221) Pembroke Place, Denton, TX

Facilitator: Curt Erwin –

Men’s Redemption

Pleasure. We live in a world obsessed with finding it, passionate about enjoying it, and desperate about maintaining it.  This group is primarily for men who need support and help in breaking free from pornography.  New series underway: Conquer Series – The Battle Plan for Purity (Dr. Ted Roberts).

Start: On-going

Times: Every Saturday 7am-9am

Location: Denton Bible Church, Hangar (MAP)

Facilitator: Ed Gibson –

Navigators 2:7 (Book 1)

“This first book in The 2:7 Series is designed to help you build a strong foundation for your Christian life through enriching Bible study, Scripture memory, and group interaction. With its biblical and practical approach to discipleship, this workbook will yield long-term, life-changing results…”

Start: April 7, 2018

Times: Every Saturday 8:30am – 10am

Location: Denton Bible Church, Annex #103

Facilitators: Jim Grimmet –; Tom Tidwell –

End Times Prophecy (John Walvoord)

“This Walvoord masterpiece presents the beauties of Daniel’s prophecies in the light of modern archaeological evidence. Companion to The Revelation of Jesus Christ, this major contribution to prophetic research emphasizes the value and genuineness of Daniel.”

Start: April 7, 2018

Times: Every Saturday 10am – 11:30am

Location: Denton Bible Church, Annex #103

Facilitators: Jim Grimmet –; Tom Tidwell –

Morning Bible Studies

These on-going Bible studies are verse-by-verse, expositional studies of various books.  All men are welcome to attend.  No signup is necessary.

Start: On-going


Lakeland Baptist Church: Every Tuesday 7am (MAP)

Facilitators: Mike Scheer – ; Charles Stolfus –

Denton Bible Church: Every Wednesday 7am in the Student Ministries Center Auditorium

Facilitator: Mike Spencer –

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