Current Men’s Studies

2 Samuel

Becoming a man after God’s own heart through His grace.

David was a great king, but often stumbled.   Through murder, adultery and poor decisions which brought disaster upon his family, God granted him grace for his true heart.  This grace is available to us today despite our imperfections.  Learn how God may move through you as you study David, Joab, Amnon, Tamar, Absalom and others.

Start: February 24, 2020

Times: Monday 7pm – 9pm

Location: Denton Bible Church, SMC 210

Facilitator: Trent Brooks –

Evangelism: The Harvest is Plentiful

Engaging in God’s greatest calling! Spreading the Gospel of Christ and His truths through personal outreach.

Learn how evangelism is used in Christ’s church, how you can better engage the world in spreading His truth and how to overcome the obstacles that lie ahead.

Start: February 25, 2020

Times: Tuesdays 6:30pm – 8pm

Location: Denton Bible Church, SMC 210

Facilitator: Brent Bowen –

2 Thessalonians

The impact of God’s Word when life threatens to set your faith adrift.

Restore your confidence when fear, anxiety and doubt threaten you faith.  Anchor your hope in Him as you study Paul’s writings to the church at Thessolonica to quiet their fears and set their paths straight.

Start: February 25, 2020

Times: Tuesdays 7pm – 9pm

Location: Denton Bible Church, SMC 211

Facilitator: Steve Johnson –

Fasting Unto Worship

Fasting unto worship for daily denial of self.

A pathway to victorious living and deliverance over addictive behaviors that assist in walking in the will of God, through denial of self.

Start: February 25, 2020

Times: Tuesdays 7pm – 8:30pm

Location: Denton Bible Church, The Hangar

Facilitator: Calvin Clark –

God’s Great Narrative

How the Bible fits into one unified narrative.

12 week expositional study of how all 66 books of the Bible fit into one, unified, Biblical narrative, that is traced throughout scripture.

Start: February 26, 2020

Times: Wednesdays 7pm – 9pm

Location: Denton Bible Church, Mod 7

Facilitator: Jody LeBlanc –


How Christ redeems us from abuse and addictions to our created purpose.

Redemption is not a step-oriented recovery book; it’s story-oriented and Bible-anchored. It unfolds the back-story of redemption in Exodus to help Christians better understand how Christ redeems us from the slavery of abuse, addiction, and assorted trouble and restores us to our created purpose, the worship of God.

Start: March 18, 2020

Times: Every Wednesday 7pm – 9pm

Location: 2224 Pembrooke Pl, Denton

Facilitator: Curt Erwin –

       Dave Robinson

Morning Bible Studies

These on-going Bible studies are verse-by-verse, expositional studies of various books.  All men are welcome to attend.  No signup is necessary.

Start: On-going


Lakeland Baptist Church: Every Tuesday 7am (MAP)

Facilitators: Mike Scheer – ; Charles Stolfus –

Denton Bible Church: Every Wednesday 7am in the Student Ministries Center Auditorium.

Facilitator: Mike Spencer –


On-going group with the focus on overcoming addictions.

Addictions lure us. No matter the object, addictions extend the promise of pleasure and escape while only delivering emptiness, death and destruction. God’s word offers hope to overcome! (Various resources will be covered using Crossroads as a foundation.)

Start: On-going

Times: Every Saturday 7am – 9am

Location: Denton Bible Church, The Hangar Office

Facilitator: Derek Davis –

Men’s Bible Study

Bible studies are now open!  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me about getting involved in community.

You may call or e-mail the Men’s Ministry office at

Glad to speak with you!

Gordon Nickell
Men’s Ministry Coordinator

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