Current Men’s Studies

The Cure (Lynch, McNicol, Thrall)

8 Week Study. The Cure infuses a relational theology of grace and identity, which alone can heal, free and create sustainable, genuine, loving, life-giving communities.

Start: September 3, 2019

Times: Tuesday 7pm – 8:30pm

Location: Denton Bible Church, The Hangar

Facilitator: Calvin Clark –

Study of 1 Samuel by John MacArthur

September 2 – December 16. Led by Trent Brooks. Meets in SMC 210. You will learn some precious truths about the character of God, and see His great faithfulness in keeping His promises as you study the lives of Eli, Samuel, King Saul and King David.

Start: September 2, 2019

Times: Every Monday 7pm – 9pm

Location: Denton Bible Church, SMC 210

Facilitator: Trent Brooks –

1 Thessalonians Life Change

Paul’s teaching provides helpful guidance for all Christ-followers on what it means to live as a Christian in the face of an uncertain world in anticipation of Christ’s return.

Start: September 3, 2019

Times: Every Tuesday 7pm – 8:30pm

Location: Denton Bible Church, SMC 211

Facilitator: Steve Johnson –

       Mark Maddoux

Kingdom Man

Kingdom Man gives men a Kingdom understanding, vision, and perspective on their identity and responsibilities along with practical steps on how to become a man who rules his world well. Group is limited to 16.

Start: September 3, 2019

Times: Every Tuesday 7pm – 8:30pm

Location: Denton Bible Church, Modular 7

Facilitator: Jack Biggerstaff –

       Wayne Carrigan

God’s Great Narrative

10 Week expositional study of how all 66 books of the Bible fit into one, unified, biblical narrative, that is traced throughout scripture.

Start: September 11, 2019

Times: Every Wednesday 7pm – 9pm

Location: Denton Bible Church, Modular 7

Facilitator: Jody Leblanc –


“Redemption is not a step-oriented recovery book; it’s story-oriented and Bible-anchored. It unfolds the back-story of redemption in Exodus to help Christians better understand how Christ redeems us from the slavery of abuse, addiction, and assorted trouble and restores us to our created purpose, the worship of God.” Length: 10 weeks.

Start: September 4, 2019

Times: Every Wednesday 7pm – 9pm

Location: 2224 Pembrooke Pl, Denton

Facilitator: Curt Erwin –

       Dave Robinson

Measure of a Man, Part 2

This 10 part video series will help men continue their journey toward Christian maturity.

Start: September 5, 2019

Times: Every Thursday 7pm – 9pm

Location: Denton Bible Church, Fellowship Hall

Facilitator: Nate Woodall –

       Ethan Sanders

Morning Bible Studies

These on-going Bible studies are verse-by-verse, expositional studies of various books.  All men are welcome to attend.  No signup is necessary.

Start: On-going


Lakeland Baptist Church: Every Tuesday 7am (MAP)

Facilitators: Mike Scheer – ; Charles Stolfus –

Denton Bible Church: Every Wednesday 7am in the Student Ministries Center Auditorium.

Facilitator: Mike Spencer –

Crossroads: Men’s Study Group for Addictions

ONGOING Study. This is an on-going group with a focus on overcoming addictions. Men are welcome to join at any time. This summer – starting a walk through the book of James as it relates to our sinful addictions.

Start: On-going

Times: Every Saturday 7am – 9am

Location: Denton Bible Church, The Hangar Office

Facilitator: Derek Davis –

Men’s Bible Study

Bible studies are now open!  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me about getting involved in community.

You may call or e-mail the Men’s Ministry office at

Glad to speak with you!

Gordon Nickell
Men’s Ministry Coordinator

Denton Bible Church