Discipleship Gear Guide

the continuation of our 40-ye ar adventure in discipleship

The active Christian life is all about how you relate to God, others, and
yourself. But it doesn’t stop there—it’s also about how you help others
do the same in their lives. This guide provides some basic gear to help
you do both.

The contents of this guide are some of the best discipleship
gear we know of.
Our gear is categorized using The Navigators’ Wheel
illustration. So you’ll find disciplines that help you relate
to God—such as Bible intake and prayer—in the “How You
Relate to God” portion of this guide.
Our “basic” gear will get you up to speed on a discipline in
a short amount of time (usually less than 20 minutes) and
with very little commitment on your part. You don’t need to
have much exposure to a discipline to use the “basic” gear
Our “technical” gear allows you to dive deeper into a topic.
These require much more of an investment in time or money,
and may require more effort on your part to truly master it.
Either way, click on a piece of gear that interests you and
start exploring!

Basic Gear

Making Disciples (Discipleship Library)

Wanted:Labors (Disciplieship Library)

Technical Gear

The Wheel Illustration © 1976 by The Navigators, all rights reserved.