Authentic Manhood Study

This goal of the Authentic Manhood study is to help provide an understanding about the basics of manhood. This 24-session video study focuses on a man’s core identity and gives an overview of basic manhood issues. The purpose of the study is to help men understand the various identity issues that men deal with by looking back at past wounds and other things that may have distorted their idea of biblical masculinity. Throughout the course of the study, each participant will learn the biblical definition of manhood. It will provide clear answers to the questions, “What is a man?” and “What am I living to be?”

For more information, please contact:

Jeff Tinch // 940.391.3821 //



The Quest for Authentic Manhood

Begins Tuesday Sept 17 7pm
Davis School
1125 Davis St. Denton

This study has already begun and is now closed. Please check back with us in January for new studies.

A 24-session study to get at the core of man’s identity. Learn to identify, and resolve past wounds, reclaiming the idea of biblical masculinity. Embrace foundation truths of manhood. Develop your own “personal manhood plan.” Answer these questions, “What is a man?” and “What am I living to be?”



Winning at Work and Home

Begins Monday March 3, 7pm
Denton Bible Church
Children’s Learning Center room 213

This study runs for 24 weeks. A study to focuses on the two chief responsibilities: career and family. Build the walls of manhood and explore how to engage your work with enjoyment and relate to a woman in a whole new way.



The Great Adventure

A 20-session Study. Putting the roof on the house of masculinity. Creating a vision for your future. rediscover the adventure in your life through understanding what Manhood really is and who you were created to be. Uncover your uniqueness and discover a satisfying life focus. Challenge you to answer these questions; “Who am I?”, “What are my life dreams in life?” and “Do I have courage to pursue those dreams?”