Men’s Conference 2017


When Jacob was a young man, he wanted very much to receive the benefit of God’s promises, but he did not know how to do it. He tried to buy it (Genesis 25:31); after that, he lied and he cheated (Genesis 27:19). He used every kind of self-effort, but human effort is not the correct way to gain the benefit of God’s promises. We receive the benefit of God’s promises when we accept them by faith (active belief and trust in God). Join us at the 2017 Men’s Conference– Forging of Faith, Molding a Man of God. .

Why did Jacob face so many hardships? Why did they keep happening? God works on one flaw at a time. He allows us to go through storms to work on the flaws and strengthen our faith. He wants to teach us patience, resilience and leadership. The danger is that the devil knows your quitting points. He knows the exact point or setback at which you will give up on God. So if you are the type to give up, the devil will simply put enough quitting points in your life so that he can control you into giving up. Don’t give up. Become a man molded by God with a faith forged strong. .

The conference is FREE but you do need to register so that we can provide Breakfast and break snacks for everyone.


Conference Schedule

Friday, March 3rd

6:00 pm Check-In and Fellowship
7:00 pm Evening Session Begins
9:30 pm Evening Session Ends

Saturday, March 4th

7:00 am Breakfast
8:25 am Morning Session Begins
10:00 am Break and Refreshments
10:30 am Morning Session Resumes
12:00 pm Conference Ends

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