Become A Discipler



  • Must have a Christ-centered marriage or a Christ-centered personal walk if unmarried.
  • Both husband and wife in complete agreement about serving in this ministry.
  • Must be a formal member of Denton Bible Church and in good standing.
  • Must have attended DBC for at least two years.
  • Complete the DBC Volunteer Application, Personal Profile, and Application Endorsement forms.
  • Submissive to the authority of the church.
  • Committed to training and accountability.


Step 1:  DBC Volunteer Application

Fill out this online form and submit it online now. You may click here to download a copy of the application to scan and email it to Willie Hutson at or turn it into Jason Mendeke in the Main Office of Denton Bible Church. This application will be used to complete your background check. All volunteers who serve at DBC are required to have a background check. No need to submit a new one if you have one on file.

Step 2: Personal Profile
Fill Out Personal Profile
Each man who desires to be discipled or become a discipler must fill out a Personal Profile.  The Personal Profile provides us with information to assist in matching disciplers and disciples. This is a tool by which we gather basic personal information about each man. This information assists us in matching each discipler with a disciple with a higher degree of compatibility. Please fill out the online form at the link above, you will then be contacted to confirm the requirements to becoming a discipler within the REAL Men’s Ministry of Denton Bible Church.

Step  3: Application Endorsement

For men who are married and who desire to become a discipler, they are required to fill out an Application Endorsement that is signed by your wife. The Application Endorsement is to help us insure that a man has no ongoing unresolved issues at home that would disqualify him as a discipler. This endorsement also helps verify that the wife is in agreement and supportive of the husband becoming a discipler of another man. You can receive a copy of this endorsement clicking on this link (LINK). After completing and signing the endorsement, scan and e-mail it to Willie Hutson at

Step 4: Church Membership

Church membership is a requirement for anyone serving in DBC ministry. If you have never applied for formal church membership, we request that you attend the next DBC membership class. Membership classes are typically scheduled about six times a year. Contact Mike Spencer; or 940.297.6830 or Jake Craven; or 940.297.6830 with ChurchLife Ministry to confirm and sign up for class dates.  You must attend the class and submit a completed membership application. The application will be processed by ChurchLife and then forwarded to the Elder board for approval.

Step 5: Staff and Elder Approval

After the discipler candidate completes all of the above steps, the final step is receiving approval from DBC staff and Elders. The name of each discipler is submitted to the staff and Elders for approval and if no objections are heard, the discipler is approved to begin receiving training to become a disicpler for Denton Bible Church.


Contact Information

If you have questions or would like more information about becoming a discipler, please contact:
Willie Hutson // 214.914.8626 //


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